The Name That Is Giving New Commercial Dimension to Ludhiana

The name Oswal Group is connected to trust and heritage and has been pivotal in transforming Ludhiana's landscape. The journey that started more than three decades ago in the textile industry has left a remarkable impact in Punjab and the organisaton has established itself as a trustworthy and dependable brand.

Adish Oswal, the behind Vardhman Amrante and the third-generation entrepreneur of Oswal Group, is a diligent and imaginative individual. He established Vardhman Amrante, formerly Vardhman Park, in 2014, and subsequently realised his dream by creating Vardhman City Centre, which offers residents of Ludhiana and the neighboring cities a brand-new place to eat, shop and have fun.

VCC will be giving a sumptuous shopping experience where the visitors will have a wide range of showrooms and brands to explore, giving them the much-needed satisfaction and a plethora of options to choose from. This brainchild of Adish Oswal aims to create a space for people of all age groups where they can relax and unwind to their hearts content. It will not only be a house to leading food chains and gourmet restaurants but also will be introducing famous microbreweries and a lavish food court in Ludhiana. Vardhman City Centre is your go-to place for a wide range of activities, from gourmet dining to street-style cuisine.

Being one of Ludhiana Vardhman City Centre, one of Punjab's first planned distinctive retail and dining destinations, is prepared to fascinate the people with an engaging leisure and shopping experience that will win over their hearts and minds. Adish Oswal aims to create an amazing masterpiece to offer what Ludhiana has given to the Oswal family. Vardhman City Centre, located in the centre of Ludhiana, is and always will be run by and for the people of Punjab.